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Elementary Autism Day Treatment Program
Community Partner: Erinoaks Kids
Location: Eastview Public School

This CTCC program is in partnership with ErinoakKids’ Autism Services Program.  As the treatment provider, ErinoakKids uses Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and individualized goals to meet the behavioural and social needs of their Primary students. To be considered for this program children must be residing in Halton and be currently receiving public funding for Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) programming.

The academic program focuses on the delivery of both Literacy and Numeracy curriculum along with Healthy Active Living and Arts.

The classroom provides a small learning and therapeutic environment and functions as a team-based experience where the children can rely on support both academically and therapeutically throughout the day. Length of stay is determined clinically on a per child basis and each are regularly assessed throughout the program. 

Principals are invited to visit the program to see the progress their student has made in the course of their treatment.