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Woodview Queen of Heaven

Woodview Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven Public School

Woodview is an accredited children's mental health centre providing day treatment services to address the social, emotional and behavioural challenges of children ( Grades 3-6) and their families. Woodview Residential students are also part of this day treatment program.

The day is split into academic and therapeutic components. Academically, the focus is on Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Therapeutic programs can include social skills training, cognitive-behavioural strategies, anger management, coping with high conflict and abusive situations. The Child and Youth Workers also provide formal, individual and group counselling. The Social Worker provides individual, sibling and group work for the family.

Length of stay is determined on a per child basis and each are regularly assessed throughout the program. Referrals should be directed to the Woodview Program Supervisor and Senior Managers of Special Education Services.