Woodview - Early Identification Early Intervention Outreach (EIEIO)

Rolling Meadows Public School

1522 Mountain Grove Ave.
Burlington, ON L7P 2H5

Early Identification, Early Intervention Outreach (EIEIO)

Rolling Meadows Public School

Offers an intensive 20 week program, taking place over two sessions throughout the school year. A multi-disciplinary team composed of Social Workers, CYWs and a teacher, work to identify and intervene with early mental health difficulties.

The program provides a range of services including: individual, family and group counselling, in-home support, parent training, educational, psychological consultation and psychiatric referral. Liaison and advocacy services with community resources and professionals are also available.

Academic learning skills are primary and are infused with Literacy and Numeracy expectations as deemed appropriate for children Grades K-3.

They provide booster sessions post-discharge.

Students may be referred to the program through the ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids) website using their ASN referral portal.